Its where our commitment to quality and excellence getting shaped. As F.S.S. we invest a great deal for revise, develop and design new or existing products with close cooperation of our customers.

In F.S.S. Technic, we analyse and find out weak points of each requested part based on our market research and support of our customers, which are prone to wear and tear. Then we re-develop a perfect product which is more durable and reliable by use of higher grade materials and cutting-edge technology.

By making this, while we support our customers with more innovative products we also create profit for them with the products which are unmatched both in quality and operating life.

Some of the activities we do at F.S.S.Technic

    • New product development
    • Improvement of existing products
    • 2D-3D Dimensional Modelling
    • Mold Designing
    • Mold Production
    • Dimensional Size Controllings
    • Chemical and Structural Analyses of Produced Items

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