Our tests specific to our products
  • Life-cycle test
  • Force - Stroke test
  • Hot weather test
  • Explosion test
Dimensional controls
  • 3D CMM Coordinate Measuring Device
  • Contour Device
  • Camera Control System
  • Profile Projection
  • Surface Roughness Measurement
External testing
  • Ozone Test
  • Micro Vikers Hardness Test
Tests applied to our raw materials and semi-products
  • Hot - Cold Climatic Tests
  • Tension – Tear Tests
  • Rheometer Test
  • Carbon Distribution
  • Shore A/D
  • IRHD Micro Hardness
  • Rockweel / Brinell Hardness
  • Aging in Air / Liquid
  • Rubber Abrasion
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Chemical Titration Tests
  • Powder Coating Adhesion Tests

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