Our main goal is to regulate the relationship between people and the environment in the scope of total quality management and to ensure the continuation of this relationship from raw material entry till the finished product and till the products reach to the customers. For this reason;

We declare that we ensure continuous improvement on negative effects of the production activities on the environment,  by complying with all the related applicable regulations, administrative and legal arrangements, customer requirements and the conditions of the member organisations.

We continuously follow up the effects of the activities created by our operations on the  staff, contractors, visitors, interns and other groups, in order to prevent any injury, any deterioration of health, environmental pollution and we continuously improve it.

Man and his life is the most important asset in life.” Our decision is not to make any concessions to this consciousness. For this reason, our social responsibility is to sensitize our employees and all the people and groups affected by our employees about the environmental protection, occupational health and safety issues. For this purpose, we organise training in order to create awareness on these issues.

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