Within in framework of objectives and policies of our company we are having the quality of human and improving this power regularly, working to increase the productivity permanently. Primarily as conscious, "the most important thing is the man and his life" to ensure equality have a fair management policy to consider all the material and moral rights of our employees. To provide a safe work environment is in our main objectives. Our application in this purpose;

Selection and Placement 

To have qualified human resources; quality and characteristics are determined according to the job description before selecting the employees, applications are collected in a pool, selection is done by authorites and placement process is done in Human Resources Department. ​

Orientation and Training 

By the first day of the new emloyees, the training about general operating rules is given by Human Resources Department. Afterwards, the training regarding production line is managed by Production Responsibles.

Occupational Health and Safety

Training is given by Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. Quality Policy and Quality Objectives of our company are shared by our Quality Responsible Subsequently introducing with colleagues and job training which includes completing working area, application of machines, introduction of work and/or responsibilities. Also the annual training plan is held for the new employees.

Occupational Health and Safety Occupational Health and Safety specialist takes all necessary safety measures in the company structure and to raise awareness of our employees, by related trainings.

Social and Legal Services

Human Resources serves on all social and legal needs of our employees as a legal advisory services, our company follow appropriate procedures in this regard.

Performance Rating Continuous improvement
and increasing the performance level of employee are based on training and/or employees performance levels by the capacity increases.

Pricing and Other Social Facilities 

Salaries of our employees are fully paid on a regular basis and the service, food, social facilities such as health care are covered by our company.


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