• Worldwide known brand which is present in more than 80 countries
    • Broad product range with more than 6000 different parts increasing everyday according to the market needs and produced in the OEM quality
    • Dealer-based supply solutions created in some countries to meet your needs and product requirements
    • Closely following up changes in the markets and customer needs by regular site visits after sales
    • Long-term experience in international wholesale business since 1994
    • Guaranteed delivery of all published products
    • Trusted brand with full technical service
    • Leader in customer satisfaction in its sector
    • Quality over quantity-best quality for the best matched price
    • Always improves products & services by contacting to its customers ​
    • 100% Made in Turkey products for absolute customer satisfaction
    • Production system in compliance with the standards, registered with the IATF 16949 Quality Certificate
    • Several options of product search on the highly detailed website

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